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Enterprise Content Management

An enterprise content management (ECM) system can significantly improve business efficiency, reduce costs and increase employee and customer satisfaction. ECM software adds measurable value to almost any department within a company: accounting, human resources, sales, legal and more all can benefit.


An enterprise content management system consists of several components that handle the different stages of information management in a typical organization.

The essential capabilities of an ECM system are:

  • Capture: Importing, digitizing and extracting key data points from any source, including PDFs, email, fax, scans, native applications, and more.

  • Manage: Organizing, indexing and annotating documents to ensure they support business processes.

  • Process: Automatically routing and approving documents within the scope of a defined digital workflow to support critical business processes and compliance initiatives.

  • Collaborate: Editing in native applications in carefully version-controlled environments to maintain focus on the master version.

  • Archive: Secure, compliant archiving with retention policy options to either protect or control the destruction of certain types of information.

  • Integrate: Connect data and documents to other corporate applications through native connectors or APIs.

Non-essential components might include web content management or physical records management. However, these are not offered by all vendors as they are not the core use-case of ECM. Depending on the provider, ECM systems are provided as various individual program modules and components combined into a suite, or as one holistic system.

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