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Digital Transformation is the use of technology to solve problems. It is about transforming processes that were manual to digital processes based on rules. An example of digital transformation is process automation which can be applied widely across the entire business - just because information is received electronically does not mean you have achieved digital transformation.

Finance & Accounting

Take big steps in achieving digital transformation in accounts payable. Capture paper and electronic invoices and automatically match them to purchase orders, deliver customized workflows to manage the approval process, and then posts the approved amounts back to the general ledger through pre-built ERP integrations. Get rid of paper, avoid clerical errors, reduce invoice handling, streamline approval and eliminate manual entry. Most importantly: recapture valuable time for higher-value tasks.

Sales & Marketing

Each customer record is centralized, organized and ready when you need it: on the road before a presentation, in the office of a customer, meeting with a partner. ECM enables instant access from any device to archived emails, quotes, invoices, proposals, contracts and presentations. Contract Management, Paperwork population and submission - why wait to get back to office, do business in real time.

Employee Management

On-boarding a new employee is their first experience with your business, from inviting them to an interview to completing the necessary documents. Simplify the process with automation By establishing a rock-solid and compliant base of secure personal records management and processes, you can focus on why you got into HR in the first place: helping colleagues navigate recruitment, onboarding, annual reviews and more.

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ECM Solutions
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